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About the job

If you’re a professional who works with text, this is an exciting opportunity to use your writing, editing, technical and creative skills in a new and innovative way. Instead of thinking that AI will replace you, here you can help shape the future of AI

Industries such as healthcare, finance, and retail have been implementing AI solutions in recent years. This has created a demand for AI professionals, particularly in natural language processing. AI Tutoring offers an opportunity to shape the future of AI and contribute to cutting-edge technology.

About Toloka

Toloka AI is a global tech company that offers end-to-end AI solutions based on the effective combination of Crowd+ML+Expert+Tech Platform.

We bring together experts from all over the world to form our growing team of more than 260 people.

Our products provide access to human-powered data and are used by leading tech companies including Samsung, AliExpress, Bestplace, Handl, JetBrains, Leroy Merlin, Naver Labs, Replika, Trivago and many more.


· Advanced data labeling: classifying data and checking its relevance, as well as moderating content.

· Working with text: writing, rewriting, and editing text, tuning AI responses

· Fact checking, researching open sources to verify information, proofreading text etc.


· Experience in copywriting and editing in English.

· Degree in communications, linguistics, literature, psychology, or equivalent

· Ready to learn about new technologies and innovations, switch between projects and follow sometimes complex instructions.

The Opportunity

· Get ahead of the competition. The demand for AI tutors will only grow in the upcoming years.

· Transition to a new profession smoothly. You can earn extra income while gaining the skill set required for future growth.

· Flexible way to work. It’s a remote part-time position with competitive pay per task completed.

How to Apply:

Click the apply button here and you will be redirected to our application landing page. Here you can learn more about our project, register your application and participate in our testing.

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