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About the job

Are you excited about the world of VR, AR and other 3D Visual technology? Do you have a knack for business and an eye for opportunity? If so, Metaspace by CreativeHub has an inviting role that blends your passion for tech with your sales expertise.

At Metaspace, we’re not just shaping 3D, VR, and AR – we’re shaping experiences. As a Growth Executive, you’ll be at the forefront of our growth story. Your days will be filled with uncovering fresh business chances, building friendships with clients, and crafting deals that transform ideas into reality.

Your Playground:

  • Exploring Possibilities: Dive into diverse sectors like gaming, education, real estate, healthcare, and retail, where AR, VR, and 3D magic can make a difference.
  • Connect and Understand: Forge real connections with clients. Understand their dreams, and tailor our offerings to match. You’ll be the bridge between imagination and realization.
  • Sealing the Deal: From that first “Hello” to the final handshake, you’ll be the driving force. Presenting, negotiating, and ultimately turning visions into contracts.

What Makes You Shine:

  • Learning on the Go: Pursuing a degree in Business or Marketing? You’re the kind of go-getter we love.
  • Sales Wizardry: Whether you’ve got a track record in AR, VR, or 3D sales or a similar tech field, your success stories light up the room.
  • People Skills: Communication, negotiation, and teamwork are your strong suits. Explaining the complex to the curious? You’ve got this.
  • Tech Love: You’re not just acquainted with tech, you’re enamored by it.

At Metaspace, we’re a team, a family, and a bunch of tech enthusiasts. We believe in the power of diverse minds coming together. Your journey here won’t just be a job, it’s a chance to shape innovation.

Ready to dive into the future? Embrace the tech, bring your charisma, and let’s craft something amazing together.

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